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What is JournalEngine™?

JournalEngine™ is a private, safe and secure online journaling platform built with the knowledge that people who journal get better results. We see it time and time again.

People who journal move past their limiting beliefs with greater speed and agility. 


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What are the benefits?

JournalEngine™ was originally designed for coaches and has evolved into a platform for leaders in all industries who are committed to increasing personal and client engagement and achieving extraordinary results.

People who journal move past their limiting beliefs with greater speed and ability, achieve goals more rapidly, face adversity with greater confidence, and live a life that is more rewarding on all fronts.  Journaling is a powerful tool for leadership growth and development.

Who is JournalEngine™ for?

Our Licensees are diverse and come from many different fields — coaching, training, continuing education, health & well-being, speaking, writing and more. They are dedicated to their personal growth and to helping others in their journey for personal transformation. 

Our Corporate level  clients reap a multitude of benefits by utilizing JournalEngine™ in building and maintaining a commitment to coaching as a means of critical advantage towards the growth and profitability of their business.

Our Coach level clients use JournalEngine™ as a means of moving their clients (and themselves!)  towards their goals deeper, faster and with greater richness.

Our JE™ for Individuals clients benefit from daily journaling and increased self-awareness.  Being able to reach out to a certified Frame of Mind Coach through our unique Journal Review Request module has allowed them to move past the places where they get stuck.

What about Privacy and Security?

All personal information is stored using 256-bit AEC Encryption. Our servers are remote and secured, with backups and failsafes in place, creating a safe and confidential space for your most innermost thoughts and/or those of your clients.

How do I start?

Start with a 14 day free trial, with no credit card or pre-approval necessary. Then, if you choose to purchase a License, you will be charged  automatically every month from that point forward. You can cancel at anytime. There are no contracts or minimum time commitments. It’s all in your hands.

JournalEngine™ allows the parents I work with to move from just thinking about change to actually doing it! We can keep our dialogue going between sessions which makes change happen more quickly and in a way that is deeply meaningful.


Dr. Jessica Michaelson, Parenthood Support

JournalEngine™ is as committed to serving me as a career and money coach as I am to serving my client's. The robust technology, trainings and support are tailored to the coaching business and the staff have been responsive, supportive and engaged. With professional experience in building and using online technologies, I would vote this one of the best I've seen for virtual coaching.


Cindy Morgan-Jaffe, Career & Money Coach

The JournalEngine™ software - customized for my business -- has added tremendous value to what I offer to my coaching clients. I enjoy it immensely both as a coach and for my own journaling and reflective practice. The team at JournalEngine™ is fabulous. They are consistently responsive, helpful and professional.


Eileen Chadnick, Big Cheese Coaching

I have no idea how I ever coached without JournalEngine™. I invest in my business with other tools, but if I could only use one, I would even give up my website and keep JournalEngine™. It is irreplaceable and had a profound effect on my business and the lives of my clients.



Leah Lund, One Whole Health

JournalEngine™ has allowed Africa Yoga Project to streamline communication and documents. What is most rewarding about JournalEngine™ is the ability to forge deep, lasting relationships that span continents and are built on trust.

Kelly Boudreaux, Africa Yoga Project

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