The JournalEngine™ Story

Kim Ades, a highly driven, a curly-haired, single mother of 2 with an MBA and an acutely developed entrepreneurial spirit, decided to start a coaching company designed to help leaders dramatically step up their game. After studying leadership for most of her life, she discovered that the single greatest barrier to leadership success was not a skill deficiency or lack of resources, but rather that leaders tend to think in ways that cause a drag in their success.  


Philosophically, if your thinking has the greatest impact on your outcomes…how can we get a better glimpse into how leaders think? And how their thinking actually determines what they do? What their behaviours are…and then their outcomes. I was really interested in getting into the minds of leaders. I thought, “How do we do that? What’s the best way to get a glimpse inside…and see how they think about EVERYTHING?” How they (leaders) think about their companies, their teams, their families…themselves…how do they think about everything? And so, when I first started coaching 15 years ago, I thought, “Ok…here’s what I’m going to do. I am going to get my clients to journal in an online journal…and when they journal, I am going to get to see their journals! When I see their journals… I will be able to read and respond to their journals….and really understand how they view the world.

As a leader herself, she instinctively knew that her beliefs were the foundation for her success – and her failures.  When she struggled, she recognised that she was her own worst enemy and she suspected that every leader faced the same kind of challenge.  She found that journaling was an extremely powerful tool to help her sort through the wide range of emotions, thoughts, and beliefs that she had and used writing as a means to help her focus, plan, and execute her ideas – free of self-doubt, criticism, and fear.  She used her journal to dream, to imagine, and to create new relationships, new business strategies, and new ways of leveraging her time and resources. She quickly saw that journaling affected EVERYTHING – her health, her relationships, her parenting, and her professional success.  The more she journaled, the calmer she felt, the more ease she experienced all over – it seemed to be a secret sauce that nobody was really discussing.

Why Did We Create JournalEngine™?

Understanding the powerful role that journaling played in her own life, she decided to implement journaling with her coaching clients when she launched Frame of Mind Coaching in 2005.  At the beginning of each week, she supplied her clients with a journaling question to address and each time they journaled (daily), she would read and respond to their journal – asking key questions, digging deep into their journal, prompting them to think about things in ways that would easily and yet dramatically shift their outcomes.  The results of this process were astounding. Clients made progress quickly, profoundly, and sustainably. 

Clients shared that they felt transformed. It wasn’t long before some of her clients asked her to teach them how to coach – and how to read and respond to journals effectively. She created a certification program for this purpose and built a professional, A+ team to provide outstanding coaching to leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs all over the world.  

Human Capital Instead of AI.


Journaling is a human experience that requires a human touch.  We believe that AI is cool but is not capable of delivering the kind of care, respect, and insight that people who make the effort to journal require.  That is why we have created a software that will enable coaches to be with their client every step of the way in a thoughtful, compassionate, curious and insightful manner.  

JournalEngine™ is a place where your clients can deposit their most intimate thoughts, fears, feelings, and desires and know that they are being read and responded to with the greatest care and concern for their happiness, their well-being and their success. 


This is the thing a lot of people ask me. So is this Ai? And we’ll say it’s counter AI. Right. Look it’s the opposite of AI… it’s human to human. Like the whole world is moving in an AI Direction and what is happening to the whole world? The whole world is feeling more and more disconnected… more and more isolated… more and more lonely… And we want to reverse that trend. This is a person-to-person experience.