The Journaling Software for Coaches

We are proud to be offering JournalEngine™, the journaling software for coaches. JournalEngine™ is a private and secure online journaling platform specifically designed for coaches to use with their clients 1-on-1 or in groups.

This version of our proprietary software allows you to distribute your content effectively and efficiently. It also allows you to communicate with each individual and/or group in the course, and invites participants to communicate with each other as well. It is highly engaging, interactive and truly powerful.

JournalEngine™ is built with engagement in mind. Create courses and homework/journaling prompts with ease, and leverage your intellectual property through seamless and intuitive course-building functionality. From coaching to corporate training to teaching any type of skill, this is a unique opportunity to engage with your people like never before.

Who is JournalEngine™ For?

Put simply, JournalEngine™ is the journaling software for coaches. We all get into coaching for a variety of reasons, but our goals are the same. We want to help people change their lives, and more specifically, we want to help them change the way that they see things and envision themselves. But people and their lives can’t change with scheduled coaching calls alone. That’s not enough.

What’s required is a deep and personal connection between coach and client on a daily basis. This kind of relationship is crucial in the world of Olympic athletes and it’s really no different in the world of personal and professional development. Coaching is a great honor and a great responsibility.  It’s time to take it personally. JournalEngine™ is a software that has been created by coaches to make coaching matter even more. It’s time to give it a try. I promise. It will revolutionize the impact of your coaching. 

Why Should I Use JournalEngine™?

Coaching comes with its challenges…

How do I build a trusting relationship with my clients quickly?

How do I keep them engaged in between sessions?

How do I help them address the issues that really matter?

How do I deliver incredible coaching EVERYTIME?

How do I prove that this coaching is powerful and demonstrate my value as a coach?

How do I keep clients coming back for more AND generate referrals?

JournalEngine™ addresses each one of these challenges by facilitating constant communication with clients, encouraging deep, meaningful exploration of thoughts, beliefs, experiences, and emotions, and providing a natural tracking mechanism of progress and results. The ingenuity of JournalEngine™ is that it’s a tool that allows you to create and maintain strong relationships with your clients through the power of journaling. Click here to learn more about why we created JournalEngine™.

How Does JE™ Make Me a Better Coach?

JournalEngine™ is a journaling software that is specifically designed to make coaches more involved with their clients’ journey. How did we achieve this? By specifically ignoring the world’s momentum towards building an AI that understands humans. Because this is not AI. It’s a journaling tool that allows your coaching to impact your clients every day. 

Let’s face it…coaches struggle to deliver incredible value in between coaching sessions. In fact, sometimes the silence in between sessions can be downright disturbing.  Coaches struggle to keep clients engaged over time and struggle to generate referrals as a result of the amazing work they do. 

Why does this happen?  It’s due to the lack of ongoing momentum, the lack of consistent communication, and a lack of tangible ROI throughout the coaching process.  

What does this mean? It means that there are no before and after pictures of the clients in your programs. There is no proof that coaching actually fixed the problem. Until now. With JournalEngine™, not only can you build momentum and deliver value in between calls, but you can point to day 1 on day 150 and demonstrate in real terms how far your clients have come. Measurable coaching is impactful, but with this tool both the client and the coach are able to reflect, measure and grow.