The most private, safe and secure place to journal online.

Receive Automated Journaling Prompts

Answering  powerful questions is the secret to transformative journaling. 

JournalEngine™ for Individuals provides you with a unique journaling question every 3 days to stimulate thought and encourage personal reflection. These questions have been designed to guide you along your journey of self-discovery and self-awareness.

Feel Safe and Secure

JournalEngine™ for Individuals is a private and completely secure website specifically designed for personal journaling.

Your journals are end-to-end encrypted so you can be sure that no one will ever be able to see your journals besides you  (Note: using the Journal Review Request feature will give a certified Frame of Mind Coach access to that particular journal.)

Customize It

You can create any kind of look you want with your JournalEngine™ for Individuals site . 

Pick your colors, add a logo, upload pictures and play around with many other elements to create a completely personal journaling experience.

Track Your Goals

You will be invited to write down your goals and milestones during your journey, providing reminders to help you make real progress towards achieving your objectives.

Get Feedback

Every Licensee of the JE™ for Individual program has the unique opportunity to reach out to a certified Frame of Mind Coach up to two times per month using the Journal Review Request feature, in order to receive their expert feedback and to help you move forward if you get stuck. There is no added fee for this service.

Explore your deepest thoughts, beliefs, and desires with JE™ For Individuals

Created by Kim Ades, MBA, President and Founder of Frame of Mind Coaching, JournalEngine™ for Individuals comes with a self-guided, built-in e-course, complete with 365 journaling prompts delivered regularly.  Users can also connect with a certified Frame of Mind Coach and have them review their journal(s) up to two times per month via our unique Journal Review Request module.