Keep Your Pulse on What Matters Most

As the leader of a membership group, it is vital to consistently keep up to date with the interests, concerns, and priorities of your members.

Inviting them to journal provides you with access to what matters most to them at any given time, enabling you to deliver content and programs that address their needs.


Add Value

Before joining a group, people generally want to know what’s included in their membership. When the value is considered high, the likelihood of joining is increased.

JournalEngine™ allows you to vastly increase the value of any membership by providing private and secure access to all other members, providing relevant content, and by facilitating discussions that are important and even personal to each member.

Build Trust

JournalEngine™ provides membership leaders the ability to communicate with their members in a non-promotional manner, an effective means to build trust and clearly communicate the mission and values of the group.

Hold the Group Together

One of the greatest challenges of any membership group is keeping them connected in between meetings. Watching the engagement fizzle after an awesome meeting or event can be frustrating.  JournalEngine™ is the platform where the conversation continues online after the event and sustains the group until the next gathering so that you don’t have to feel like you are starting from scratch over and over again.

Deepen Personal Connection

Unlike social media, JournalEngine™ is a private place where members can truly connect with one another and have discussions via journaling about private and personal matters. Lives are enriched when people are connected. Any membership group that can provide multiple means of connection fulfills an important human mandate.

Connect Peers in Different Geographical Locations

JournalEngine™ is a great place for peers to collaborate – particularly when they work in different locations throughout the world.

They can share best practices, provide one another with support, and problem solve together.

Increase Physical and Emotional Health of Team Members

For centuries people have used journaling for a myriad of reasons: to stimulate a healthier mind and body; to vent and express thoughts and feelings in a healthy, constructive manner; to increase self-awareness; to document life experiences; even to get closer to God.  Dr. James Pennebaker, professor of Psychology at the University of Texas in Austin, TX, pioneered research into the links between writing and health. Pennebaker conducted a study in which student volunteers were asked to write about a traumatic event in their lives and the emotions associated with it. Pennebaker found that people who had written revealing accounts of a personal trauma showed an “impressive drop” in visits to the doctor, compared with control groups who were assigned other writing topics. “Writing about their deepest thoughts and feelings about traumas resulted in improved moods, more positive outlook, and greater physical health.” he concluded. 

Address Issues Faster

Having a safe place for employees to voice their concerns provides you with an edge in dealing with issues long before they become fires that need to be extinguished.

JournalEngine™ is a proactive method of communicating with employees about what matters most to them.

Facilitate Training and Development

One of the most valuable features of JournalEngine™ is that it delivers content on any schedule you want, allowing organizations to create and deliver online group and self-guided courses with ease.

Surface Brilliant Ideas Faster

Inviting employees to journal about their thoughts — both personal and professional — leads to a vast increase in great ideas, which can contribute to a massive competitive advantage for any organization.

Provide a Platform For Leadership Development

JournalEngine™ is a safe and secure platform where high-potential leaders can privately discuss challenges and opportunities with their mentors on an as-needed basis, reducing frustration due to communication delays and the need for in-person meetings.

Grow Organizational Loyalty

Knowing that your organization values the personal development and health of their employees goes a long way in securing the appreciation and loyalty of individual team members.


The quintessential tool for corporations who believe in coaching as the cornerstone of professional development and performance.

JournalEngine™ for Corporate is ideal for corporate environments that are committed to building a coaching culture.  Create group and 1:1 courses, training programs and more. The Corporate license includes all the JournalEngine™ features, such as Assessments, Databases, Newsletters, on-site branded advertising, custom pages and more.