What is JournalEngine™?

JournalEngine™ is a private and secure online journaling platform built for individual, coaching, membership groups, and/or organizational use. It enables content delivery in all modalities (audio, video, and text) on *your* schedule. JournalEngine™ is a place for individuals to journal privately, with a coach, or in a group with or without a facilitator. JournalEngine™ is a tool designed specifically for the acceleration of personal leadership and the development of emotional resilience.

Who is JournalEngine™ for?

JournalEngine™ was originally designed for coaches to use exclusively with their clients, but has evolved into a platform for private and individual use as well as for group and organizational use in the area of leadership development and team cohesion.




What about security and privacy?

We take this very seriously. All personal information is stored using industry standard 256-bit AEC Encryption. Our servers are remote and secured, with backups and fail-safes in place. Our privacy settings extend from site-level control at the Admin level all the way down to  journal privacy settings, controlled by the individual user. Watch a brief video here: https://youtu.be/R0147qKslT0.

Why journaling?

We see it time and time again. Individuals who journal move past their limiting beliefs with greater speed and ability, achieve goals more rapidly, face adversity with greater confidence, and live a life that is more rewarding on all fronts. Journaling is a powerful, yet widely under-ultilized tool for leadership growth and development.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! Click here to choose the plan that’s best for you, and start your risk-free 14 day free trial. We do not require any payment information to try it out. You will have access to all the features associated with the plan you choose within minutes. After the 14 day trial, you will be given the option to purchase a License.

How much does JournalEngine™ cost?

 Our plans start at $69/Month USD. Visit our pricing page for all the details!        


Is there a contract or minimum commitment?

No. You begin with a 14 day free trial. Then, if you choose to purchase a License, you will be able to set up automatic recurring monthly payments via Paypal from that point forward. You can cancel at anytime. There are no contracts or minimum time requirements.

What kind of support do you offer?

We take great pride in the service and care we give to our clients. It begins with a personal JournalEngine™ JumpStart session when you come on board at the trial level. JumpStart teaches you the basics of getting you ready to take on clients — how to set up your branding, your content, and how to build your courses.You will also have access to our online HelpDesk where you can search our database of answers, access resources and how-to’s, or open a ticket.You are surrounded by a team of passionate people who get super excited about your success and are here to support you every step of the way!

Are there any add-on features?

Yes – with JournalEngine™ there are many possibilities that are designed to serve your unique needs. For example, if you want to add more coaches to the site, JournalEngine™ will accommodate that. Or if you want to add assessments, surveys, banner, ads, or e-commerce to the site, JournalEngine™ has the modules to help make it happen. JournalEngine™ is a flexible platform that accommodates a wide variety of personal and organizational needs. If you are looking for something special and can’t find it, just ask us!

Can I buy journaling prompts?

Yes! You can purchase a package of 52 journaling prompts that are designed to be delivered every week for a one year period.  Of course, you can modify any or all of the prompts, and you can choose your own delivery frequency.  All of our journaling prompts are designed to trigger personal reflection and deeper contemplation. Contact us for pricing.

Can JournalEngine™ be linked to my existing website?

Yes! While your JournalEngine™ site has its own login page and unique URL, we recommend placing the provided site link (it will be in your Settings) on your external website inviting clients, employees, and members to login or join your community.

Can JournalEngine™ be branded?

Yes! You can customize the look and feel of your site with customized colors, images, logos, banners and messaging to reflect your voice and unique brand.

Can JournalEngine™ be used to coach multiple groups?

Absolutely! JournalEngine™ was originally designed to accommodate coaching multiple groups simultaneously such that each group can co-exist with complete privacy on every level.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes!  When you become a JE Licensee, you are automatically enrolled in our affiliate program. You don’t need to do a thing!

How do you know if I send someone to JournalEngine™?

When a person begins a JournalEngine™ 14-day free trial, they are asked to complete a very brief assessment as part of their setup. In that assessment, they are asked to provide the name of the person who sent them to us. We make it a priority to confirm with each new client how they were brought to JE, because it is very important to us to recognize and say thank you to our Affiliate Partners! 

What is the best way to make introductions to JournalEngine™?

  • Send them to www.journalengine.com to begin a trial.
  • We have contact info and help available if they have any questions.

What compensation do I receive as an Affiliate Partner?
If your introduction leads to a sale, you receive up to $300 – paid in monthly increments of $25 for the first 12 months of the License, provided the referral keeps their account current and in good standing. It’s really an easy process where you send us the lead and we do the rest.  You will be paid monthly via Paypal to your email address once the referral’s License registration is complete.

Do you have an Affiliate Program for people who are not JE Licensees?

Yes! Non-Licensees receive a one-time ‘thank you’ for each successful referral. A successful referral is a referral who takes the trial and subsequently registers for a License. The affiliate receives $60 for each JE License  — payments are sent to your email address via Paypal at the end of the month in which the very first Licensee payment is made.

Have more questions?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch!