A Case for JournalEngine™: Using Words to Heal

Words have great impact. On everything. Words have an impact on how we think, on how we communicate, and help us interpret what is happening to us and what is happening around us. We use words to make sense of the world around us and to describe our feelings and express our emotions. And this is the spot, where we as coaches come in. 

When our clients journal, their words help us understand who they are, what matters to them, how they respond to the experiences they have, and ultimately help us understand the reason they may feel stuck, frustrated, or challenged.

Their words allow us to identify the patterns they exhibit in their behaviors, beliefs, and emotions. Being able to read their journals is a powerful source of data that supports the process of delivering extraordinary coaching.

The Reality and the Solution

Unfortunately, while so many people struggle silently and would clearly benefit from coaching, many of our potential clients seek answers elsewhere.

Almost 1 million people every day in the UK alone search for the word “anxiety” online. Unfortunately, they’re met with answers that don’t really address their questions or concerns. Feeling anxious, frustrated, sad, angry and happy are complex feelings that are driven by a host of different thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and expectations… and they are unique for every one of us.  Generic answers that skim the surface often leave us feeling dissatisfied and lost.

The truth is, that more often than not, online searches related to emotional queries provide no answer, a thin answer, or an inappropriate one (eg. a Taylor swift video).

Leaders are More Stressed Than Ever.

Stress-related online searches are more popular than ever. There are 22 stress-related searches every MINUTE in the UK alone! That’s 950 400 searches per month. Leaders use the internet to try to find solutions for their stress.  They search for things like:

“Work-Life Balance”

“Handling conflict at work”

“Time management techniques”

“Saving my marriage”

“Sibling rivalry”

“Communicating more effectively”

The question is why are people going to Google or Siri with serious personal challenges as opposed to a coach who has incredible wisdom and value to share?

The answer is actually deceptively simple. Google is available at your fingertips and a coach is not. And this is specifically why we have created JournalEngine™. The first online, safe & secure journaling platform for coaches.

Why Should I use JournalEngine™?

There’s about 1 million reasons why you should use JournalEngine™ with your clients. But before we dive into that, it is essential to understand the power of journaling and why Journaling with your clients is a game changer and DELIVERS SUBSTANTIALLY MORE VALUE. 


And so it’s a strength of ours. It’s a sweet spot of ours… to be able to really look at what we’re reading and quickly find the golden nuggets. Quickly identify the beliefs that someone has that is REALLY holding them hostage. It’s a strength of ours. So, you know, the idea is to have someone who is certified in this methodology of looking for what’s important and addressing it in a way that is warm, interested, compassionate and insightful…and moving someone along to a new place.


There’s a saying that like you can go look for a solution. But without the right question, you’re kind of looking in the dark? And so the idea is… let’s provide you with some questions to really look at… for you to really contemplate and examine so that you are solving the right problems.

Why Journaling?

Journaling is the process of writing down your thoughts, ideas, dreams, hopes, visions, plans, questions, and solutions with regards to any and every topic under the sun.  The practical purpose of journaling is to help you move to a more uplifted emotional state leaving you feeling brighter, happier, calmer, and clearer about your past, your present, and your future. 

What is the Impact of JournalEngine™ on Health?

Journaling improves health by having a powerful impact on reducing blood pressure, stress, and burnout while increasing emotional resilience, confidence, and joy. In a series of studies by James Pennebaker, Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin and a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teachers, it was found that expressive writing or journaling for 15 to 20 minutes a day three to five times over the course of a four-month period was enough to lower blood pressure and have better liver functionality.  

In another remarkable study from 2013, it was found that 76% of adults who spent 20 minutes writing about their thoughts and feelings for three consecutive days two weeks before a medically necessary biopsy were fully healed 11 days later. Meanwhile, 58% of the control group had not recovered. 

Here are some other interesting findings:

  • Students who journal regularly prior to exams, perform at a higher level.  
  • Individuals who journal after a job loss, tend to rebound from the loss more rapidly and effectively
  • Individuals who journal after the loss of a significant other, cope more effectively with their bereavement
  • Strong feelings and experiences become easier to grasp when they are written down.
What is the Power of JournalEngine™

It is clear that Journaling on its own is a powerful tool. But when journaling plays a significant role in a coaching relationship, it serves to create intimacy between a coach and a client, and provides the platform to dive deeply into important issues and to deliver incredible value in an effective way. 

The idea is to use JE™ to build an unprecedented partnership between you and your clients elevating your coaching to a whole other level by reading your client’s journal and encouraging them to dig deeper, reflect, and respond to challenging questions.

Asking your clients to journal with you helps your clients increase their clarity about what they want, where they are heading, and how to get what they are seeking. Journaling with JournalEngine™ makes the coaching process easy, fluid, and so much more powerful. 

JournalEngine™ has been used as a tool to coach executives, leaders and entrepreneurs for the past 15 years.  The results have been astonishing!  It is with this unique experience and vantage point that we have built JE™ as a tool designed to transform individuals through the process of interactive journaling.

Solutions are only as good as the questions that are asked.  And this is precisely the work of the expert coach… Asking the right questions – one’s that lead our clients to their personal truth, insight, and clarity. Try JournalEngine™ with your clients to experience a brand new kind of transformation.