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Do you silently wrestle with the same problems, conflicts, and frustrations

over and over again, but have no idea how to break the cycle?


Maybe you work with an infuriating colleague who makes your workplace toxic and you’re trying to figure out how to change your situation, or even better, how you can get them to change their behavior.

Maybe you’re at odds with a business partner who tramples your boundaries, causes you to second-guess every decision, and drives you to crave more confidence and control over the relationship and the direction of your business.

Perhaps you are dealing with personal loss, divorce, illness, or a significant life change that has become a distraction you can no longer ignore.

You are juggling a lot of responsibilities: 


Building your team or your business


Increasing sales and revenues


Managing the load of expenses


Raising your kids, taking care of your family


Supporting your aging parents


Working through a never-ending to do list

Overwhelm and stress are getting the better of you, and you’re at that point where something has to change.


But not any change will do — you need lasting change.


Have you tried everything you can think of in order to create change but still haven’t succeeded? Perhaps it’s finally time to figure out what’s getting in your way and overcome your obstacles so that you can live the life you always imagined.


Do you feel that now, beyond any shadow of a doubt, you’re finally ready to reach your goals and live a life that reflects your deepest desires?

The Frame of Mind

Coaching Assessment

 is an interactive experience

that includes:

1) A short survey that allows you to evaluate your current starting point.

2) A journaling exercise to help you begin to think about what’s important to you and gain clarity about what you really, really want.

3) A free, deep-dive private coaching session with a certified Frame of Mind coach.

After you experience The FOM Assessment and your private coaching session, you’ll walk away with an unprecedented level of insight about where you are now and how to move beyond.

The FOM Assessment will help you see your existing situation with fresh eyes and from a different point of view, leaving you knowing exactly what you need to do to overcome the challenges that keep you spinning in circles.


During your personal coaching session, you will learn about the unique Frame of Mind Coaching approach, our philosophy and methodology, and how we can help you move beyond the frustration you’ve been grappling with on your own for far too long.


Hundreds of highly driven and successful

people just like you have experienced

The FOM Assessment to break free from

the repetitive, ongoing struggles they

found themselves facing.



We believe we can help you break free too.


Our clients share their experiences:

I was trying all these different things with my business and it just wasn’t working. Frame of Mind Coaching gave me a handle on my business and how I spend my time. I’ve since had a steady stream of incoming prospects. I had never had that before!

Michelle Robin

Before Frame of Mind Coaching, I was expending a ton of energy, but I wasn’t getting anywhere. I didn’t know how to break free of this cycle. Coaching made me examine what I really wanted to be doing. Now that I only focus on what makes me happy, I’m still expending as much energy, but I enjoy it. I used to sacrifice my happiness for future benefits. Now, what I do today is the benefit.

Taylor Jobe

By changing myself, other people are changing around me in amazing ways. Frame of Mind Coaching taught me that when you see people in a better light, they perform better. I can be much more effective by modeling the behavior I want to see in others.

Jonathan Robert

I had tried many other coaching styles, read books and listened to podcasts. I knew what I should be doing, but it wasn’t working. I didn’t feel like I could achieve anything and I didn’t see the point in trying. Within a few weeks of FOM Coaching, work was better and my relationships were better, not because they changed, but because I did. This is the only coaching program that allowed me to change for the better in the long-term.

Beata Seweryn-Reid

I was drowning in a high-profile corporate leadership role. I knew I needed a change but couldn’t see how to do that. After only a few coaching sessions, I could see more clearly. I built a plan, worked it fearlessly and now, am experiencing my designed life. I have hit all my goals, surpassed some, built my successors and changed to a position that I love. I use the essence of my coaching experience every day.

Carla Webb

The First Step Begins When You Experience

The FOM Assessment

After you complete The FOM Assessment, you will receive a summary of your responses. Then, you’ll be contacted by Hilary, a member of our communications team, to schedule your free, deep-dive coaching session with a certified Frame of Mind Coach. During this one-hour session, your coach will review your assessment with you, provide you with powerful coaching insights, and outline your next steps.

You don’t have to figure out the answers on your own. Frame of Mind Coaching can help.

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