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Listen to the replay: Journaling for your business

Last night on the Cash Flow Show – Direct Sales Radio, Kim Ades appeared as a guest to talk about the fun topic of journaling for business growth! Kim shared her insights on… read more →

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Getting Real with Kim on the Writing Up A Storm Podcast

Listen to a discussion with Kim on the Writing Up A Storm Podcast! The Show: A podcast related to all things writing. The Topic: Time and thought management skills for authors and… read more →

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Don’t miss it tomorrow night: Money and your mind

Tomorrow night Kim Ades will be appearing as a special guest on the Cash Flow Show! The show topic will be on how to develop leaders through journaling.  Kim coaches her… read more →

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Increase Client Engagement
When you ask your clients to journal, you maintain contact in-between calls and have consistent focus on your clients’ personal development. This means that there is no sliding backwards – only forward movement. The true magic happens in-between coaching sessions. Journaling helps you enhance this magic.
Accelerate Client Results
Giving your clients a forum to express themselves in helps you get more done with your clients in a shorter period of time. By incorporating journaling into your coaching, you are covering greater ground and getting to the meat of your coaching with greater speed.
Maximize Lead Generation
Design assessments, build a community and create rich conversations with your potential clients. Generate leads and equip yourself with powerful data for every coaching conversation. Create an intimate environment where clients hang out before, during and after coaching.
“Journal Engine™ may sound like a rather staid and mechanistic online offering, but nothing could be further from the truth! The software that powers this amazing online journaling (and far more) tool is rather like the people behind it – innovative, friendly, value adding and constantly improving. Thank you, the Journal Engine™ team for adding a wonderful new dimension to my life coach training business that is truly great value for my money. I regard it a privilege to be associated with you.”
Bill Burridge / New Insights Africa

“The JournalEngine™ software – customized for my business – has added tremendous value to what I offer to my coaching clients. This is a powerful tool that I can customize to complement my coaching programs and deepen my client’s overall experience with Big Cheese Coaching. On a personal level, I enjoy it immensely both as a coach and for my own journaling and reflective practice. The team at JournalEngine™ is fabulous. They are consistently responsive, helpful and professional. This is one sales call I am glad I answered!”
Eileen Chadnick, Big Cheese Coaching

My groups are going GREAT! We have had no problems and the members are now interacting really well. JournalEngine™ added a new level of personal connection and group interaction I wanted. I am starting to work on a paid course and a free self-guided course. Lots of potential for us!
Doug Addison, Activate Your Life Calling

“JournalEngine™ has a ton of great features and functionality. The ones I care about the most: JournalEngine™ allows me to automatically deliver my content, it keeps me in constant communication with my clients, it lets the user determine their level of privacy, and it has its own lead generation and capture mechanism. I’ve done my research. There is no other product that combines those four things. You can mix and match software and make your life very complex … or you can use JournalEngine™.
Amy McGrath, HeartSpring Coaching

“JournalEngine™ allows the parents I work with to move from just thinking about change to actually doing it! We can keep our dialogue going between sessions which makes change happen more quickly and in a way that is deeply meaningful. With the help of their journals, my clients create true alignment between their daily choices and their vision of who they want to be.”.
Dr. Jessica Michaelson, Parenthood Support

Competence. Responsive. Caring. I love Journal Engine™! The staff is 100% responsive to my needs and they really care about my success. I love the assessment section as a powerful lead generation tool, and my clients always feel cared for when I respond to their journals.
Leila Reyes/Recovery After Divorce

“JournalEngine™ has allowed Africa Yoga Project to streamline communication and documents. Everything can now be found in one place. It creates a safe space to have in-depth, personal conversations that span cultures, which leads to deep, trusting relationships resulting in growth and transformation for everyone involved. What is most rewarding about JournalEngine™ is the ability to forge deep, lasting relationships that span continents and are built on trust.”
Kelly Boudreaux/Africa Yoga Project

JournalEngine is as committed to serving me as a career and money coach as I am to serving my clients. The robust technology, trainings and support are tailored to the coaching business and the staff has been responsive, supportive and engaged. With professional experience in building and using online technologies, I would vote this one of the best I’ve seen for virtual coaching.
Cindy Morgan-Jaffe, Career & Money Coach

“JournalEngine™ has deepened my impact with my clients – which means I have people who choose to work with me AND who choose to journal on a very consistent basis to transform their life. It helps me differentiate myself between other coaches and to be able to charge more money for what I do. The most rewarding aspect is the ability it has given me to be with the pulse of my client – those who journal on a very regular basis have action-packed sessions and their growth is deeper and tends to last longer. And, the client support is excellent. When an issue arises, it is handled professionally, quickly and with a sense of calm and peace.
Jim Pehkonen/Amazing Life Design

We spent months combing the internet for a platform that would fit the needs of our emerging eCourse program and finding JournalEngine™ was a complete blessing! In the past few years, JournalEngine™ has met our changing needs and provided a space that could grow with our developing program. The webspace offers a format that has allowed for a very successful eCourse series. The journal space has fostered community among our participants. Developing a new course is simple and courses are easily duplicated for rerunning. At every turn in course development, this intuitive system had every resource that I was looking for available in a user-friendly format! Any time I happened upon a non-intuitive moment, there was prompt technical support just a phone call or email away with creative, problem solving ideas and attitudes.
Ruth Taylor/Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation

“Of the many benefits JournalEngine™ provides me (sales generation, relationship with prospects, greater online presence) the most unexpected and rewarding affect JournalEngine™ has had on my business is that it has made me a better coach. Truly! I have no idea how I ever coached without it. I invest in my business with other tools, but if I could only use one, I would even give up my website and keep JournalEngine™. It is irreplaceable and has had a profound effect on my business and on the lives of my clients.
Leah Lund/One Whole Health

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